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  • We give you World-class Ebooks on a platter of gold
  • Unlimited access to rare and enjoyable ebooks
  • A vast range of electronic books from professional writers and publishers


Woven Ebooks is about an Online Ebook Platform with the sole purpose of providing rare and enjoyable Ebooks at your convenience. We sell ebooks direct to millions of consumers around the world.

You can have access to most of our published content on our blog, or download them to a vast array of devices, using our Ebook Reader apps.

As an independent ebook store, Woven Ebooks is owned and run by My Woven Words. It sells into every country in the world, including Antarctica and the International Space Station.

As a new and fast-growing delivery platform, we have our mobile app, is one of the popular apps in the ebook market, with thousands of installs.


  • Keep watching this space
  • We are just getting started
  • Our best is yet to come