Sixteen Cowries: Yoruba Divination from Africa to the New World (Ebook)



  • In 1926 Salakọ moved to Ọyọ to be the diviner of the Alaafin. He joined the principal shrine of Oriṣanla in 1951, at the house of Chief Ashipa in Isalẹ Ọyọ. By this time he was already seventy years old, he met William Bascom. When Alaafin converted to Islam, many Ọyọ people followed him on that path. Salakọ’s only apprentice had died three years earlier, and few people came to him for consultation. He felt that there was no longer any interest in the knowledge he had acquired throughout his life and that everything he had learned would be doomed to oblivion after his death.
  • Three months after Bascom’s stay in Ọyọ, Salakọ agreed to recite all the verses he knew so that they could be recorded and thus preserved forever. He sat down in front of the recorder, where he spoke for five and a half hours without interruption. This material is published in this eBook – Sixteen Cowries with almost eight hundred pages of gathering divinatory verses in Yoruba and its translation into English.
  • The original Odù Ifá chants recordings (28 audio files) were translated by Mr. Adedeji in Nigeria, who consulted Salakọ several times, to clarify doubts about some passages. This product is in PDF e-format
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